Is that mediocrity limits the imagination of Brahma to give life

You “smell” the taste and temperament of luxuries.

Do you “smell” the model to give life attitude? Buyers look at the model room one is looking at huxing, the second is to look at the possibility of the future. In the traditional model room, we see the American, French, European, new Chinese style of decoration.

In Jinan, North Ko Jian Tai Yue Jade Grand View, North Branch to build the brand’s soul into the model, and the purchase of the spirit of the exchange and life of the resonance, to create feelings, values, cross-border three-dimensional integration of the interactive model between, become the new benchmark of Jinan.

The Sensation field project of the Vatican, the northern branch of the establishment of the right to choose

The Vatican model is inspired by the beautiful love story of the 19th century. At the end of 19th century, a daughter of a family of precious stones, young Eister Yas, met the son of Alfred, a stone cutter. Because of the identity gap, this love story is full of stirring, also beyond the imagination of romance.

More poetic, the protagonist of the story in 1906 in Paris, the creation of Van Cleef & Arpels Vatican treasure commemorate this love. Yin and Yang, the spring and autumn preface, born of Love, Van Cleef and Arpels Vincent Bao witnessed many great love stories. Brahma, Princess Grace of Monaco, Kelly’s favorite jewel, was a gift from King Edward VIII to Mrs. Simpson, and was the jewel of the 1939 Egyptian Princess Fozia and the king of Iran, who had been wearing the wedding;

was crowned and crowned Jewel of the 1967 Empress Bahafi of Iran. It seems that since the beginning of the diamond culture, the Vatican has been born. A century-old jewelry brand, with its unique design concept and exquisite craftsmanship has won the praise of the world. It burned the artistic atmosphere of Paris, followed by the rhythm of nature, and a desire to fly the heart, in the Palace of jewelry, interpretation of the beauty of harmony and lightness.

The secret of the Vatican’s success in the fast-changing fashion of the century is the countless times to start again. The elite are not cultivated in the greenhouse, but more in the rain under the sun tempered out. The young man who has transformed into an elite once again sails for the pursuit of happiness, not fame. So North Ko Jian Tai Yue Jade 125 square meters model inspiration based on the Vatican, is to keep the beginner’s mind, always pursue a better life of the concept of implantation into life.

Also is the North Branch constructs the group “360 Panorama Life Pattern” again the landing, through the unceasing product innovation, lets the house truly become can accompany the life different stage, can feel the emotion temperature life platform