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The silver ring that is lost forever – my father always hopes that I can marry a rich man. I tell my father that although Adong has neither a house nor money, he can give me happiness. Life without bread will be happy? Said the father. Adong went to Shenzhen. He said that there is no ready-made bread in the world, but he will never let his wife suffer with him. Before leaving, he gave me a ring, sterling silver. ‘Would you like to wait for a poor boy who can only afford a silver ring?’ He said, ‘I won’t come back to see you if I don’t make it full.’ ‘You must come back.’ I said, ‘Even if you still have nothing.’ I put the ring on the ring finger of my left hand, it is the sacred and priceless love in my heart.

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There are many strangers in Shenzhen who share their dreams with Adong Fake Van cleef ring Jewelry. I can imagine the suffering of Adong, although he said in his letter that he is doing well. I found a part-time job and occasionally wrote a manuscript at night. I can’t share anything for him, but I can work with him. On the Mid-Autumn Festival Replica Van cleef ring, the rain was very big. I called Adong and I said I missed him. He said that the work was too busy to return to the festival. I rode home in the rain, and when I passed a crossroad, I suddenly felt dizzy. When I found a red light, a slanting car had crashed up quickly… The silver ring was lost.